· Dynamic Reliability Assessment and Research on Reinforcement Measures for Existing Reinforced Concrete Double-curved Arch Bridges [2017, No.3:1-5] (1128)
· Research on flexural behavior of prestressed composite reinforced concrete members  [2017, No.3:19-25] (874)
· Effects of Highway Soil Slope of Vegetation on Artificial Rainfall Runoff [2017, No.3:106-111] (841)
· Three Peaks of The Highway Bridge Vehicle Load Distribution Probability Model [2017, No.3:31-35] (834)
· Experimental Research on Strength Changes of Heated Concrete [2017, No.3:36-40] (826)
The orthogonality of modes of single fully embedded pile in longitudinal vibration
[2017, No.3:6-11] (821)
Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing by Vibration Signal Model Fitting
[2017, No.3:81-85] (794)
The Preparation of Titania Nanotube and the Two-step Modified Method
[2017, No.3:131-136] (784)
· Simulation of Double Closed-Loop Control System of Three Phase Voltage Source PWM Rectifier [2017, No.3:70-75] (780)
· TDOA Time Delay Estimation Method Based on Sparse Fourier Transform [2017, No.3:46-51] (766)
· Visualization of Traffic Spatio-Temporal Data Based on Point and Heatmap [2017, No.3:63-69] (761)
· Study on Series-Parallel Model’s Frequency Splitting of Wireless Power Transmission System via Magnetic Resonance [2017, No.3:52-56] (749)
A Defect Segmentation Algorithm for Low Contrast CT Images
[2017, No.3:57-62] (745)
· Direct displacement-based design of high-speed railway simply-supported girder isolated bridges  [2017, No.3:12-18] (734)
Research on Computer Interlocking Vehicle Simulation Training System
[2017, No.3:76-80] (727)
· Simultaneous Nitrogen Removal and Phosphate Uptake Properties of EBPR System with Micro Aeration [2017, No.3:97-105] (722)
· Research on Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Suppression of Shield Machine Based on APF [2017, No.3:86-91] (692)
· Maximal and Moment Inequalities for the Partial Sums of Sequences of the Product of the PA Sequences [2017, No.3:118-121] (691)
· Research of liner control of the 64 meters long simple support box beam bridge with the segment assembly method for passenger railway line [2017, No.3:41-45] (685)
Numerical Simulation of Highway Tunnel Fire Based on CFD 
[2017, No.3:112-117] (680)
· Effect of Horizontal Displacement of Abutment on Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Arch Bridge [2017, No.3:26-30] (669)
· Identification of the Model Parameters of Fractional Order Groundwater Pollution by Gradient Regularization Method with Variable Step [2017, No.3:92-96] (665)
· The Uniqueness of Traveling Waves With A Single Population Model in 2-D Lattice Strip [2017, No.3:127-130] (646)
The Monotone Iterative Technique of the Second Order Differential Equation with Multiple Delays in Banach Spaces
[2017, No.3:122-126] (595)
· Fault Diagnosis Method for Axle Box Bearing of Locomotive based on EEMD and Wavelet Packet [2017, No.4:1-5] (15)